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The Purest Choice - Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt
Chloé Sharrock / Le Pictorium
Caption :
Umm Malek and Malek - Qalanfil, Delta of Egypt
Umm Malek lives in a small muslim village in the Delta of Egypt. She got circumcised at 10 years old and remains profoundly scarred by the trauma of that day. «  You can easily forget what you’ve eaten on that day, or how the weather was. But you can’t forget the trauma, the pain… »
Umm Malek is now fully conscient of the long term consequences of such practice on her mental health as well as in her married woman’s intimate life. «  What we tend to ignore is that many divorces happen because of that barbarian practice. Women and men become unsatisfied, it leads to a lot of frustration and anger. ». After giving birth to a daughter, she started attending awareness sessions lead by a local NGO in a nearby village. The consequences she was facing herself combined to these sessions convinced her for good that she couldn’t perpetrate that practice on her daughter. «  I simply couldn’t inflict such misery to my own daughter. I want her to be happily married. » At first, women of her village pressured her to circumcise Umm Malek, threatening that she would never get her daughter married if she didn’t. « But I took these women to the awareness sessions with me, and since then, five of them decided to not cut their daughters ! »
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