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Vostok Battalion
Sadak Souici / Le Pictorium
Caption :
A shot of DShK of 12.7 caliber on the Dozar position.
Russian-speaking separatist armed group active in eastern Ukraine. It is commissioned by Aleksandr Sergeyevich Khodakosvsky. With a strength of approximately 2,500 men, it is one of the main military components of the Donetsk People's Republic and shares its operational zone with the Oplot Battalion. It would consist of former members of the Ukrainian "Alpha" and "Berkut" special groups, as well as veterans of the war in Chechnya, with the bulk of its membership coming from the local population.

The Vostok Battalion is positioned along the 800 km front line. The unit of the commander "ZORA" is located in the most important industrial areas of the Dombass region between Yasinovataya and Avdeevka.
The position of the name "DOZAR" is located under a bridge of the motorway between Donetsk-Gorlovka. The infrastructure helps to protect the fighters during the bombing of the Ukrainian army. The fighters live to less than 15 people in houses built on the ends of the bridge.
The days are long and tiring for RPD troops who reinforce their lines each morning with sandbags and land reclaimed from the ground returning through exploding shell holes the night before. They dig holes and trenches without seeing the end of the tunnel of this waiting war.
Observations  :
Sadak souici
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